Yoga and Wellbeing at BIS

The BIS Abu Dhabi yoga programme for health and wellbeing is gaining momentum.

Breathe, Stretch and Relax…

Our programmes are:

Mrs Younis and Mme Deude offer yoga** CCAs**. Mme Deude’s programme is still open for Secondary boys at lunchtimes on Wednesdays. If you want to join please come to Forum 2 at that time.

Yoga is not only offered as a CCA. Year 9 students have had the opportunity for** “taster” yoga sessions**. These included learning breathing for relaxation and focus, physical yoga for fitness, and meditation.

Due to their popularity these sessions have continued with boys arriving at 730 on Thursdays for 20-30 minutes of yoga before school.  We are now able to offer a girls session on Mondays at 730. Students are asked to register with their teachers before coming to the session and are welcome to arrive between 730 and 745.  Although this started with year 9s, any interested Secondary school students are welcome. These sessions take place either in Forum 2 or in the Professional Learning Lounge.

PE Options:
Year 10s and 11s have had the opportunity to try yoga during their Options sessions in PE this term. We have been managing groups as large as 30 to enjoy 30-40 minute yoga sessions. Year 10s will continue to have a choice of yoga on Wednesdays during PE lessons.

A number of students have approached us privately to ask for ideas for guided visualisations, yoga postures for specific pain and breathing techniques to help with anxiety and exam related stress. We are always happy to help in any way we can.

Finally,** Teachers Yoga** has become a regular feature this year! Teachers congregate weekly for a “pay-as-you wish” developing Ashtanga class. Proceeds from the class are donated to charity. So far this year teachers have raised money for the Pink Cancer Cause, The Tanzania Trip, Red Crescent and already this term funds were used to buy 15 new yoga mats for our pupils in the programmes outlined above.

How yoga can support teens?

We need to remember that teens are not mini adults!

We are now being taught by neuroscientists and in developmental psychology that the human brain does not fully form until 24!

Students are availing themselves of this opportunity to learn strategies to cope with their experiences of stress from exams, managing expectations and relationships through yoga.

  1. Breath is linked to wellbeing and relaxation.
  2. Yoga postures aren’t only beneficial for fitness, balances for example can help with focus and all aspects of yoga work together to help us feel happy, focussed and relaxed.
  3. Visualizations and relaxation as a precursor to meditation can help us to feel calm and secure

Thank you to the many teachers throughout the school who offer Mindfulness and Yoga including Mrs Younis, Mme Deude and Mrs Deegan.

These programmes are specially geared towards yoga for kids and yoga for teens to support healthy minds, enhancing focus, developing motor skills and fitness, and teaching us how to RELAX!

Our team has specialist training with one of only three yoga for teen’ trained teachers in Abu Dhabi, recognised by the yoga alliance and the yoga network.

For more information about the benefits for yoga for teens, please click here.

Yoga Information Document