Year of Zayed Exhibition

BIS Abu Dhabi is delighted to inform you that we are holding an exhibition that will celebrate the Year of Zayed. In so doing, this exhibition will include national heritage works which will be held on the 14th – 15th May in the main school hall and we welcome parents to attend.

Students are able to take part by submitting a project in one of the following projects:

  1. Any aspect of Sheikh Zayed’s life (his most important achievements, his rhetoric, examples of his projects, the awards he received throughout his lifetime).
  2. Any aspect of national heritage in the United Arab Emirates (housing, clothing, food, tools, palm tree and palm date products, and general elements of Bedouin lifestyle).
  3. Any aspect of the economy, past and present (the lives of the Emiratis and what their forefathers did, pearl diving, fishing, ship-building and agriculture).
  4. Any aspect of contemporary United Arab Emirates in the 21st century (Emirati achievements such as the building of Burj Al Khalifa, Emirates Palace, The Palm and other famous landmarks in the United Arab Emirates).

Conditions to be met in the Project:

  1. The project must be solely that of the student (allowing for some parental assistance).
  2. The project should be clearly labelled with the students’ names.
  3. The project should be clearly labelled with a description of the entry.
  4. The project must be catalogued in its entirety from start to finish by taking photos throughout.
  5. No more than two students to work on one project.
  6. Only students from Years 4 to 9 may take part in this project.

The exhibition will be held for two days at the school. A judging panel will be appointed by the school to select the top three projects. You will be invited to view this exhibition and give your support to all our entries. The winners will receive a school prize and a certificate of appreciation.

The deadline for entries is the 10th May, 2018. Students should submit their project to the social studies department room number 278 or to their social studies teacher.

The exhibition will open on the 14th May, 2018 at 9:30am. We welcome your attendance and support and value your contribution to this exhibition. We hope you will encourage your children to take part in this exciting event.

For any questions, or an Arabic version, kindly send an email to: