Year 9 - Discovering & recreating the UAE in the 1940s

Year 9 students have been studying the life and travels of Wilfred Thesiger in Social Studies this term.

Thesiger was one of the first Europeans to cross the Rub Al Khali – the Empty Quarter, a feat he managed back in the late 1940’s with the assistance of local Bedouin tribesmen.

Year 9 have been re-creating a Bedouin camp in social studies lessons this week by grinding and drinking their own coffee, snacking on dates, making bread and washing it all down with camel milk. Some of these ‘tastes of the desert’ were not exactly to the students’ liking but some students were more impressed and have perhaps released their inner Bedu. Before bedtime of course everyone should brush their teeth and the lesson ended with a taste of miswak, a traditional tooth cleaning twig from the salvadora persica tree, known to the Bedu to have antibacterial qualities and used all over the gulf region by the locals. Well, perhaps not so much these days….

This valuable insight into the culture and heritage of the Bedouin people of the region is part of a scheme of work designed to remind our students that there is more to this place than Waterworld…..!