Year 8 and 12 Student Leadership Event – Dragon’s Den

As part of their enrichment classes Year 8 students pitched their fundraising ideas for the upcoming Tanzania expedition to a team of Year 12 ‘Dragons’ who will be going to Tanzania later this year.

The Year 8 students explained their ideas, budget and expected fundraising amount as well explaining each of their roles. group 1 group 3 a group 3 IMG_1775 will yalla coffee 2 yalla coffeeThe business ideas included an Arabic Coffee shop ‘Yalla Coffee’, an Orangeade shop, a ‘silent’ disco and a ‘dunk the teacher’ stall. The judges were impressed by the presentations and the winning group was the ‘silent’ disco.

“The Year 8 students showed excellent leadership and teamwork skills. The ‘silent’ disco group especially had put together an impressive presentation and clearly taken the pitch very seriously from their smart appearance and their clear answers to our questions” said Michael from Year 12.