Year 7 Parents Coffee and Curriculum Evening

There will be a curriculum information evening for parents with students in year 7 on Tuesday 25th September at 5pm, at which our Heads of English (Ms. Sara Brazier), Maths (Mr. Alan Grant) and Science (Mr. Oliver Lewis) will give short talks on the Key Stage 3 curriculum in their subjects.

The aim of the evening is to share with parents the core skill set needed for success within the subject. Heads of Department will deliver a session using a variety of resources that you will be able to take home with you and use to further develop your child’s ability. We believe that the partnership of parent, teacher and child is crucial for progress and success.

This session will begin with a welcome from our PTA representatives in the Drama Studio on the second floor at 5pm. We hope to see you there.

If you plan to attend please click on the link below and give your details so we can make sure we have enough resources ready:

We look forward to seeing you there.

Anna Carey, Head of year 7