Year 6 visit Adventure HQ

Year 6 visited Adventure HQ last week and had a brilliant time. They participated in four different activities: cable climb, boulder wall, trampoline and skate park. These activities are designed to challenge children and develop their sense of adventure.

All students in Year 6 should be proud of themselves because they all pushed themselves by participating in each activity. Not only this but it was also fantastic to see the encouragement and support that they gave each other throughout the day. Well done Year 6! Here’s a snapshot of what they had to say about the day:

“I thought the trip was great for teamwork because everyone cheered each other on.” Sara 6E
“I was scared of heights but now I have conquered that.” Bakheet 6C
“The trip was amazing. I faced my fears on the cable climb and enjoyed competing with my friends.” Emily 6B
“The trip to Adventure HQ was a collaborative and fun trip. We could make more friends, overcome our fears and take our abilities to the next level.”20161004_120652 IMG_2350 IMG_2426 IMG_2441 IMG_2454 IMG_2635