Year 6 Hearts

Hearts! Last week, Year 6 were learning about hearts. The students learned all about how the heart works and about the arteries and veins.

It seemed like a normal lesson until a real heart was brought in! Lots of people were excited at the thought of getting to see and touch a real heart but some were just a bit disgusted by it all. Most people were very intrigued to see what it would look like inside.

‘It was really cool when Mrs Tickley dissected the heart and showed us the arteries and veins.’ Youssef R 6E.

‘ I think it was very educational but disgusting at the same time.’ Amir Akbik 6E.

‘I learned a lot like where the oxygen comes in and where it gets out. ‘ Moumen 6B

‘When we dissected the heart, we saw the valves, veins and arteries. It was interesting and fun at the same time.’ Molly 6B

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