Year 4 Dragon Showcase

The Show of the Century! Year 4 welcomed staff, parents and peers to their classrooms to amaze and dazzle them all with their showcase. The range of activities and learning on show was something that people would have to see to believe. And see it they did, as the numbers that shared in the experience caused many traffic jams in the Year 4 corridor.

Upon arrival, guests experienced true BIS Abu Dhabi five star service as the children greeted and discussed the delights they would behold in Year 4 that day. Production values and depth of knowledge were shown off as the children walked and talked to adults around their topic, before asking the question: Can You Train a DRAGON?

The first stop of the tour led to DRAGON Poetry and asked our adults to join the tribe of 4G and perform like Vikings. The children taught their visitors how to use creative language, so that you do not bore your audience or worse, a DRAGON.

Having sung tales of great beasts they then had the arduous task of feeding a DRAGON. Playing with fire is never safe. To prevent DRAGON-related injuries, the children explained the fire triangle, before sending their guardians to a fiery demonstration of how a DRAGON creates fire. Lastly, was a stomach-turning trip through the Digestive System of the Great Wryms.

Now with a great deal of experience of how to not be a DRAGON’s dinner, the day moved to designing a DRAGON. With the young artists showing a wide range of techniques with pencil and brush, mythic beasts were created from the imagination of our guests.

Backed by their creature creations, the next stop took them to Hollywood. Or at least the Year 4 Green Screen room. Excitement was shared, and new legends created, through the eager and excited acting of the children and their technical wizardry.

With their legends formed, it was time for the technical details to be created. Our children shared their wide experience of writing non-fiction with the adults and fleshed out their ideas, thankfully on keeping their DRAGONS on paper.

After a hard day our, guests relaxed and shared tales of their adventures by learning how truly great stories are told. Buoyed by the experience of the children, who had written great stories about their own animals, they travelled over the metaphorical mountain. They then departed Year 4 wiser, happier and more than likely ... a little tired.

Mr. Scott Jackson, Year 4 Teacher