Year 4 Formula Ethara Showcase

At the end of last term, on December 11th, a sporting event that will be remembered for the ages sped into BIS Abu Dhabi. The students of Year 4 used their learning to create a phenomenal show.

Before the race, there was the design of the cars. Then our expert car carpenters modelled how they used; saws, glue guns, vices, jigs and more to build their cars.

Along with building the car, there were teams to be created. Similar to how our children had designed an F1 team starting with designing logos and t-shirts.

With a potential speed-machine prepared and a team to run it; our marketing engineers directed the visiting parents to power their cars.

At the next stop, some 'sparky' children illuminated our visitors about how to use electrical motors to move their vehicles. By using their knowledge of circuits and different components, Year 4 had learned how to use power sources to move motors, which could drive the cars. Passing on this expertise, the novices (parents) had an automobile that would be a WINNER.

Now that the car was completed, it was time to learn about the driver in the car. During the topic children learnt about Lewis Hamilton, winner of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. They used their iPad and creative writing skills to mock up a preview interview, with some hilarious results. Armed with this knowledge of a driver, the swaths of persuasive language and techniques the children had demonstrated from their time in class; our parents could now 'talk-the-talk' and 'drive-the-drive'.

The penultimate stage was to not just know the how these cars would become successful and swift but why they work. Through the technical wizardry of mathematics and science, our professors lectured the would-be racers on how forces can influence the speed of a car as well as how we can used measurements and graphs to continually improve our machines in the search of perfection.

Reaching the final took a mighty amount of stamina and resilience but our parents made it! They were glad the did as the finale did not disappoint. The greatest racing teams of Year 4 had returned for an All-Stars F1 Championship - complete with track and trophy. It was a glorious occasion, where every team did themselves proud and the champions of Year 4 were crowned.

Scott Jackson
Head of Primary Mathematics and Year 4 Class Teacher