Year 4 Formula 1 Ethara Challenge

Year 4 students have been participating in the Formula 1 Ethara Challenge linked with Yas Marina Circuit right here in Abu Dhabi.

Formula Ethara, the "Classroom Racing" Team Challenge, is a project-based learning formula for children to develop 21st Century skills. Each of our Year 4 classes divided themselves into different F1 teams and work together collaboratively through their different roles which included car body designer, graphic designer, resources manager and team manager. The various teams had to work together to produce a model race car made from paper card. The teams worked together to design their graphics in ICT, tested their cars in different investigations and designed team logos, uniforms, names and merchandise in their cross curricular lessons.

Finally, race day arrived! The classes travelled to Yas Marina Circuit and were greeted by two tour guides, Russell and Hasan. The children were divided into different groups; one group for a guided tour of the track’s facilities and another for their race.

Russell showed the children the track upon which they would be racing their cars; he also showed the children the gas canister that would be inserted inside their F1 cars to act as the gas for propelling the car forward. Reaction times and fastest track times were also the focus of discussion. Excitement was palpable as the children divided into their teams and their races began! It really was a bustle of nerves, excitement and adrenaline as the teams worked through their various races; all eyes were kept on the screen displaying fastest track times and those with the quickest reaction times.

While the races were taking place, the other group were escorted on their guided tour. The children were in awe as they visited the various locations around the tracks; photographs holding the trophy on the winners podium, sitting in an F1 car, visiting the garage where the safety cars are repaired, sitting in the main camera control room where the Grand Prix is viewed in great detail and viewing a practice race on the track were just some of the highlights from the super tour.
A very successful trip and one thoroughly enjoyed by all!

You can view more photos on the BIS Facebook page.