Year 3's Fruit, Glorious Fruit day!

Sunday 6th November saw Year 3 have a blast for “Fruit, Glorious Fruit Day!’’ The day saw the children using fruit and vegetables as a stimulus to engage in an array of activities to start off our new topic, Food and Fangs.

The children moved from classroom to classroom and participated in lots of fruity fun as they did so! They were busy playing chef and created lots of delicious smoothie recipes which they then got to drink and thoroughly enjoyed! They learned about the importance of eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and how making smoothies was a yummy way to consume lots of vitamins and minerals in one go. Lots of the children said that they were going to make smoothies at home from now on as a healthy snack!

The children used fruit and vegetables as a stimulus for a still life drawing activity and created some fabulous illustrations where they focused on light and shade in particular.

On to the next activity where the children were required to switch on all other senses apart from taste and had so much fun while guessing the contents of some mystery boxes!

Finally the children participated in a fruit/vegetable carving activity. The first task was to plan their carving and draw their design before using plastic knives to bring their sketches to fruition on a piece of fruit/vegetable!! The children were so creative and carved some superb pieces!

A wonderfully enjoyable day was had by teachers and children alike and it was a marvellous way to kick off the children’s learning.

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