Year 13 IBDP Visual Arts students exhibit the characteristics for success

With only a week to go before they mount their IB exhibition - the culmination of two years’ worth of intense Art theory and practical skills development, before submitting their work to IBIS for final external assessment; last Saturday, Daniela, Prasidha, Aimee and Rebeca were in school for a full, uninterrupted day of Visual Arts emersion.

Whether they were writing their Curatorial Rational statement for the exhibition, or refining their artworks to be the best quality they could submit, the students really showed their grit, passion and perseverance at the weekend. There was an air of happy and focused productivity all day and it was a pleasure to see students being so self-motivated in the understanding that their hard work now, will stand them in good stead for the future.

Well IB Visual Artists! You’re setting the bar high and being great role models for all our future Visual Artists and Designers to come…