Year 13 IB Visual Art

Year 13 IB Visual Art students have been working on art pieces for their final exhibition. Pictured are Capria Oliver and Sarah Al Dulaimi:

“I am painting a background for a piece I will do about childhood starvation and obesity, contrasting these against each other. The background I am painting is blue and black, which reflects how cold and dark the whole situation is; we get some people who can’t afford basic necessities in order to live and some who take much more than physically right for them. After I finish painting the background, I will do 2 tight, graphic drawings in charcoal of a starved African girl looking at an obese girl, who is nearly double the size of her.” Sarah

“The two white wooden boards in the breakout space have mandala’s painted on the wood. I have envisioned there to be many mandala’s overlapping each other, creating a 3D feel to the piece. The reason I am using Mandalas is to represent the mind, body and spirit. It goes with my theme of soul and what happens inside the body, approaching from a Biological and Psychological perspective. Right now I am working freehandedly on the designs, letting the art go with the flow of my unconscious. I hope the colours create a bit of a stand out with the white background as they are darker tones. I am not fully sure of how this piece will look like at the end but it’s an adventurous journey I am taking with an audience to watch and join.” Capria

IMG_4777 IMG_4801 IMG_4822 IMG_4824 IMG_4838