Year 11 - Last Assembly of the Year

Thursday 10th May marked year 11s last ‘official day of school’ at BIS Abu Dhabi. There was a lot of excitement as well as a few tears as students said their goodbyes to their fellow students and teachers ahead of their GCSE exams which have started this week.

A leavers' assembly was held during period 6, where I was able to share a few words of wisdom as year 11 start their journey to post-16 education. Some celebrations included awarding students with certificates of achievement for subject areas as well as some choice awards for service in other areas of the school. For example, the “Emirati Diplomat” award for Khaled who has kept us all educated with his knowledge of his culture and religion as well as the “Make my Day” award for Dan whose teachers have commented on his ability to make them smile and laugh on a daily basis.

It has been my absolute pleasure to have been able to get to know this group of students over the past four years and I feel honoured to have been their Head of year for the past two years. As a year group, they exhibit all of the values and qualities we expect of a BIS Abu Dhabi student; kindness, honesty, ambition and a determination to succeed.

Whilst most will be returning next year to continue into their IB studies, I wish all of our year 11 students the best of luck in their GCSE exams and all of their future pursuits. Never give up and keep learning!

Sara Brazier