Year 1 - Little World’s Discovery Centre Trip

Year One students had their class trip to Little World this week and what a treat they had. The children had a wonderful time experimenting and exploring this amazing, spacious setting. In the Science  Lab, they became scientists, observing, predicting and carrying out experiments on the density of water and oil. In the Computer Suite they used up to date software and green screens to create a photograph of themselves under the sea. They had the opportunity to be actors, taking part in the live theatre show and in the Arts and Crafts Room they could be as creative as their imagination would allow. There was a Sea Creatures Room where the children were shown how to handle the starfish, sea cucumbers and other marine life appropriately and respectfully. Making play dough to take home, was a popular activity with the students. They had to measure, pour, mix, colour and knead their own dough. What a fun way to consolidate Maths! The children enjoyed the Sensory Room, Small World area, Magnet Wall, water play and the free-play physical areas. The opportunities were endless!

Just to complete the day they were served lunch and all the children agreed it was a wonderful way to complete our Splish! Splash! Splosh! topic.