Yas Marina Circuit Visit

As part of the Road Safety Awareness Campaign at BIS Abu Dhabi, Phil Ellis (Head of the Racing School at Yas Marina Circuit) visited BIS to talk to Year 10 and 12 students about saving their speed for the track, not the roads.

As they approach the time that they’ll be getting their licenses and/or getting in cars with older family and friends, they need to be aware of others, wear seat belts, not go too fast, not tailgate etc.

Last week students received some gifts from Yas Marina Circuit, including Max Verstappen autographs, stickers, and helmet memory sticks.IMG_2849 IMG_2854 IMG_2859 IMG_2864 IMG_2868 IMG_2869 IMG_2871 IMG_2872 IMG_2873 IMG_2874 IMG_2875 IMG_2876