Y9 Students Leading KS3 Assemblies

Rumesa & Nicole (9D) on tour with their fabulous revision television talk show!

After producing wonderful work in their PSHE lessons with Ms Martin in recent weeks, Rumesa and Nicole have decided to take the challenge to a whole new level. They indeed showed great determination and initiative, and will be presenting their talk show in Y7, 8 and Y9 assemblies this week.

Their programme: Lots of tips, dos and don’ts about revision/exams, and exclusive interviews of Spiderman and Michael Jackson, who will be sharing their school experiences, as well as exclusive exam preparation advice in the school's main hall!

I was genuinely impressed with the girls’ energy, creativity, enthusiasm and preparation. They displayed great confidence and excellent drama skills in front of a large audience, which they succeeded to engage from the beginning to the end.

Well done, Rumesa and Nicole! You made me, and 9D, extremely proud today.

Ms. VM Aubert
9D Form Tutor