Year 5 Trip to Eastern Mangroves

Last week, Year 5 went to the Eastern Mangroves for their adventurous Kayaking Trip. We learnt so many new things. We got to see some blue bubble jellyfish. They are translucent and they eat algae. We learnt about the tiny fish that live near shore - they are shiny and silver. Did you know that 80% of fish, start in the Mangroves?

When we went kayaking we had to work as team especially as we were sitting in pairs. Though it was tough, to work together and keep in the rhythm of rowing, when we did, we were as fast as we could be and were trying to compete with our friends on the water. The wild life there was amazing and Dale, our instructor, talked about single use plastic and how we can use it sparingly to contribute to making sure creatures survive longer in the sea and mangroves.

On the island we learnt about the soil that helps the white and gray mangroves grow -unlike most soil, it has no air bubbles. It was a memorable trip, especially as many of us had not been out in kayaks before. We loved our day, just like the characters in Swallows and Amazons!

Abigail, Year 5 Student
Amna, Year 5 Student