Year 3 French Sketching Competition – Monuments of Paris

3D,E,F,G and C have been learning about and researching monuments of Paris in their final module. Their study culminated in an exciting art competition, in which students had to sketch their chosen monument, research its features and create a fact file. The finished pieces were absolutely fabulous, and winners selected by Miss Funnell and Miss Scott.

Well done to Jiwon 3E, Luca 3F and Zainab 3D for creating the 3 best pieces in the year group! Emir 3C, Gabrielle 3F, Srinand 3G and Maya 3G were also strong contenders!

Year 3 are fantastic artists, and they will surprise you with their knowledge of Paris monuments, too. Ask them about it!

Congratulations to all who took part.

Miss Aubert & Mrs Deude