Student Profile: Kyeong-Min

Our profile this week is Kyeong-Min, a student in Year 8 who has been with the school since 2014. Below Kyeong-Min gives us an introduction to herself including her hobbies and interests:

Hello, my name is Kyeong-Min and I'm in Y8C. I'm from South Korea, I'm currently 13 years old and I've been a student at BIS Abu Dhabi for almost 5 years!

Starting from when I first joined BIS Abu Dhabi, back then I was in year 4, I was nothing like myself now. I was too shy to contribute in class and I was also very nervous. It was partly because I'd moved to somewhere completely different, but I think it was mainly because I barely spoke any English. But when I came home from school on the first day, I knew I was in the right school. Even though I couldn't speak much English, everyone was so kind and understanding, especially my teacher, Miss O'Mahony. Sadly, she isn't teaching at BIS Abu Dhabi now because left the school 2 years ago, but she will still be one of my favourite teachers! As I went up the years in Primary, my confidence increased massively, and I started to challenge myself to do new things, thanks to my supportive teachers.

When I look back at year 7, although I felt a bit nervous and insecure at the start, I had so much fun, and it's probably been the best year at BIS Abu Dhabi so far. Some of my favourite events were: participating in Annie, BIS Got Talent, Battle of the Bands, and Choirfest! Now that I've moved up in year 8, I'm very happy with my school life and how I'm learning more things and having more opportunities!

Some of my hobbies (as most people will know!) are drawing, calligraphy and reading. I have a strong passion in Art, Music and Drama - I love to participate in as many events linked to Arts, such as the Arts Cafe, School Productions and Choirfest. Also, I just love to draw as much as I can in my sketchbook every day. I like drawing most things, and my interests of art change very often but at the moment, I’m learning and practicing drawing Manga Style people. (There should be some pictures below!) As well as that, I absolutely love Maths and Science, and anything linked to STEAM. (One of my goals is to go to the trip to MIT!)

Last of all, (although it is hard to choose because there are so many teachers I like in secondary...) my favourite teachers in secondary are Mr. Grant and Mr. Lewis. You might be thinking it's because I love the subjects they teach: Math and Science. But to think about it, I didn't actually like Math very much when I was in primary, because I thought that it was so boring and systematic. But when I started year 7 with Mr. Grant as my Math teacher, I realised there was more to Maths than just adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Nowadays, I love doing the challenging UKMT puzzles with my classmates!

Again, same with science, although I loved doing chemistry and a bit of biology with my year 7 science teacher, Ms. Aileru, I never really liked physics and I was a little disappointed that my new science teacher was a physics teacher. But despite my thoughts at the beginning of the year, Mr. Lewis inspired me and helped me like physics a lot more!
During this year, I'm looking forward to the Les Misérables musical we're doing in Drama, because it's one of my favourite musicals of all time, and other than that, I hope to improve my grammar in Spanish and French and also try not make any silly mistakes in my exams!

Kyeong-Min Gooh 8C