Message from the Head of Secondary

There is nothing quite like the atmosphere in a school during exam week. The anticipation of the question papers, the academic ‘hum’ in the examination rooms and the post-exam buzz of students checking what their friends wrote for question 4.

The Mid-Year Internal Assessment Week is an innovation to our academic calendar this year. It is a simple fact that the IGCSE and IB Diploma programmes are assessed, in the main, by a series of lengthy written papers and as the adage goes ‘practice makes perfect’.

Students in KS3 take their assessments in classrooms with measures put in place to deter any possible wandering eyes! However, as students move through the Secondary School, the practice of ‘taking exams’ becomes more realistic with our students in Years 10 and above sitting their exams in their ultimate exam venue of either the ‘Sheds’ or the Forum/IB Academy. This familiarity of, and being comfortable in, an exam room should have a positive impact on the ‘exam experience’ and ultimately exam success…alongside diligent revision, a conscientious attitude, excellent learning skills and a whole range of additional factors of course.

Brian Irving