U12 A Netball

The U12 A Netball team started the season with some challenging games. The games against Brighton A and Cranleigh A brought home to the training sessions a development of the basic skills and team ownership. There needed to be a recap of what players already knew and a reinforcement of the basic understanding of the game.

At the most recent game against Al Yasmina, players started to demonstrate court order and a desire to want to win. Their self-belief and confidence with both attacking and defending was impressive and a joy to watch. As a result, the final score was 7 – 3 to BIS Abu Dhabi.

Congratulations to the coaches player of the games:
BISAD v Brighton: Jasmine Pitman
BISAD v Cranleigh: Ryka Bopaiah
BISAD v Al Yasmina: Emily Van Shellebeck