Triathlon 2018

The Physical Education Department at BIS Abu Dhabi hosted the second annual Triathlon at the school last week. For the individual event of swimming, cycling and running, participants entered from Year 3 – Year 10. The team event was attended by students in Secondary. It was a successful event with over 150 participants.

Congratulations to all students who passed the finish line and received a medal and a goody bag.

Outstanding performances and trophies were presented to;

Year 3 Girls:
1st : Lexi Seesink
2nd : Margarida Maio
3rd : Gabrielle Sacy

Year 3 Boys:
1st : Jakub Dzivy
2nd : Cooper Atkins
3rd : Luca Schulz

Year 4 Girls:
1st : Safia Tata Nardini
2nd : Alyssa Badr
3rd : Minseo Park

Year 4 Boys:
1st : Raphael Cousin
2nd : Zach Pitman
3rd : Tigane Dyant

Year 5 Girls:
1st Wajnah Khalil
2nd Gabriella Morrel
3rd Maryam Elkamhawy

Year 5 Boys:
1st Dongha Jeon
2nd Adam Jackson
3rd Henry Williamson

Year 6 Girls:
1st Samsara Sangster
2nd Sveva Griffo
3rd Jada Holmes

Year 6 Boys:
1st : James Lowe
2nd : Alexander Charvet
3rd : Hugh Graham

Secondary Girls Individual:
1st : Tamsin Sangster
2nd : Ines Charvet
3rd : Jasmin Pitman

Secondary Boys Individual:
1st : Xander Wild
2nd : Nathan Allen
3rd : Harrison Allen

Team Winners:
Louis Givens
Daniel Gutierrez
Finlay Busby

If you feel inspired by these athletes, The British Intranational School Abu Dhabi will be hosting the 4th Duathlon (run, cycle, run) for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 on Thursday 15th March 2018.

Photos can be viewed on our Facebook page by clicking here.