Triathlon 2016

The Physical Education Department at BIS Abu Dhabi hosted the first Triathlon at the school two weeks ago. For the individual event of swimming, cycling and running, participants entered from Year 3 – Year 6. The team event was attended by students in Secondary, ranging from Year 7 – Year 10. It was a successful first event with over 200 participants. Congratulations to all students who passed the finish line and received a medal and a ‘Goody Bag’.

Outstanding performances and trophies were presented to;

Year 3 Girls:
1st : Amira Albagdady
2nd : Luna Rock and Tata Nardini
3rd : Erin Jackson

Year 3 Boys:
1st : Joe Engles
2nd : Raphael Cousin
3rd : Oliver Carbery

Year 4 Girls:
1st : Maryam Elkamhawy
2nd : Gabriella Morrell
3rd : Favour Lehner

Year 4 Boys:
1st : Adam Jackson
2nd : Samuel Lequeux
3rd : Henry Williamson

Year 5 Girls:
1st Samsara Sangster
2nd Claudia Gonzalez Ramos
3rd Sveve Griffo

Year 5 Boys:
1st Hugh Graham
2nd James Lowe
3rd Alexander Titchener

Year 6 Girls:
1st Amira Salem
2nd Melissa Aroni
3rd Grace Johnston

Year 6 Boys:
1st : Finley Busby
2nd : Daniel Gutierrez Rueda
3rd : Walid Albagdady

Male Team Winners:
Harvey Busby
Daniel Smyllie
Paul Usieto

Female Tea Winners:
Natasha Arumugan
Charlotte Pepper
Rosa Engles
Mixed Team Winners :
Johanna Veenstra
Guillaume Lambrecht
Cedric Lequeuz

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