This week has been a significant one in terms of transitions at school. It’s the time of year to celebrate students’ achievements, but also the time when their minds turn towards the array of exciting challenges which await next year.

We had a very special evening on Sunday for our IB Graduation. The Class of 2017 wore the traditional caps and gowns to the event which was held in the wonderful surroundings of the Abu Dhabi University Auditorium. It was very fitting to hold the event in a University setting, just as these students look towards their own University careers.

Many students from this graduating class have been with the school for a number of years and it is so special to see them achieve their dreams for future study. The list of Universities where they have obtained places is extremely impressive and the preparation provided by the IB Diploma Programme will undoubtedly ensure even greater success in the years ahead.

Lower down the school we have the annual BISCARS celebration as our Year 6 students graduate from Primary and move into Secondary. These students have been excellent role models as the senior students in Primary and will no doubt continue to be as they look forward to “moving to the top floor” to commence Secondary next year. I would like to say they are excited by the lessons but I think the coffee shop and canteen may have something to do with it too!

All across the school, students will be looking forward to their own transition to next year. They will continue to learn with their friends and will also be excited about working with new teachers and gaining new experiences.

One other very special group of people are making their own transitions – those families whose children will be starting in FS1 next year and beginning life at school. That can be a worrying time for some but is also an exciting one with all the opportunities education can bring. Remember, our IB Graduates all started in FS1 once…. and look what they have become now.  It is such a privilege to work in schools, to witness this journey and help students find their way.

On a final note, can I please draw people’s attention to the arrangements and timings for the school during the Holy Month of Ramadan. There is a helpful Weblog article which you can find here, and of course please do get in touch with your child’s class teacher or form tutor should there be anything else you need to know.