The Secondary School End of Term Awards Ceremony

Term ended in the Secondary School in traditional fashion with our Awards Ceremony and Celebration Assembly. After reflecting on ‘events in the school’ since our January awards, over 125 individual students were awarded certificates of achievement for their hard work and excellence in all aspects of school life. Three students, Jalila Alfalasi (year 8), Dhwani Venkateshwaran (year 9) and Raihanah Azman (year 12) were awarded the prestigious Outstanding All Round Contribution Award for academic excellence and service to the school community.

After the briefest of pauses to allow the teachers to show off their dancing skills, we concluded our annual House Competition by awarding thirty-six Gold and Platinum certificates to individuals who had managed to collect over 75 and 100 House Points this year. This of course contributes to our House totals which also includes scores from Sports Day, the Battle of the Bands, the Open Mic competition, BIS Abu Dhabi’s Got Talent and various other House Competition to help decide an overall winner which this year was…….(drum roll)……WILLOW! Well done to the Sharks!

The full list of Subject Award winners can be seen here.
See you in September!

MR. Lowe
Assistant Headteacher