The Press Gang Reports

The Press Gang is a CCA, coming together every Monday after school. Mr. Lowe and Mr. West are the two teachers who are leading this (CCA). Press Gang is mainly focused on getting the students to report about the events/activities happening around the school so that not only parents but students are aware of everything that is happening in school too. The students participating in the CCA have the privilege of getting informed about events going around in school in advance, interviewing certain members or students of the school, and having their own reports/videos published online so that everyone in school as access to it.

Productions, Scary Play and Fossils

On October 23rd & 24th, select students from Year 9-10 performed in two plays; ‘Fossils’ and ‘Scary Play’. It was a great success, and many parents, students, and teachers, came to watch. The Press Gang took this opportunity to Interview the cast and teacher:

Interview with Ms. Thomas:

  • What do you enjoy about directing plays? - “In school, I try to facilitate students into taking responsibility for planning and directing plays. I like seeing students come up with ideas with ideas for how to bring characters to life, and set the stage in an interesting way.”
  • What are you most excited about for the play? - “This is the first time we are doing a straight play, not a musical. I am excited to see our drama students in full-length plays.”

Interview with the cast:

  • What inspired you to sign up for the plays? - I signed up for the plays was because my friends were doing and I like drama. Yasmin Alrawi
  • I signed up for the plays for a new experience, because I’ve only ever been backstage. I also wanted to mingle with people and learn from a different perspective. Alex Faure
  • I signed up for the productions because I like drama Ashwati Nambiar
  • What is your role? Do you feel like you identify with this role? Would you change your role if you could? - I play an overprotective mother, I don’t identify with her but it’s fun to play her as she’s so different to me. Any role would have been good but I like my role. Yasmin Alrawi
  • My role is a main character, named Frankie. I relate to him because he’s a bubbly person, and I feel that I am too. I wouldn’t change my role at all, I prefer playing this character because it fits me more than any other character could. Alex Faure
  • I play Jaz, and I’m happy with my role. She’s pretty moody, like me Ashwati Nambiar
  • How are you feeling about the final performance? - I feel pretty good about the final performance, everybody knows their lines but I think the nerves will kick in on the night. Yasmin Alrawi
  • I’m feeling kind of nervous, but excited at the same time. On the first day you don’t know what’s going to happen, but you really grow closer to everyone in the cast. Alex Faure
  • To be honest, we could have been more prepared, but I have a good feeling about it Ashwati Nambiar
  • What is one thing you’d like people to know about the process? - I would like people to know how much effort is put in. You also find out things about people. Yasmin Alrawi
  • The best times we had and how we enjoyed acting and working with each other. Alex Faure
  • It’s really fun but hard work Ashwati Nambiar
  • Has it been an enjoyable experience? - It’s been fun, and I’d totally do it again. Yasmin Alrawi
  • Of course it has, working with different types of people gives you different perspectives on life. Alex Faure
  • Of course! It’s been really fun Ashwati Nambiar
  • Would you do it again? - Totally. Yasmin Alrawi
  • Yes, you get to know people, you get to make new friends. Alex Faure
  • Definitely. Ashwati Nambiar

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