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The British International School Abu Dhabi’s CCA Opening Night

On Monday, the 19th of September, BIS Abu Dhabi had it’s first day of CCAs. There were about 20 CCAs going on the first night, and everyone seemed very willing and ambitious to be able to take part. There was a huge variety to choose out of, from the Football Trials to the Innovative Design. The Press Gang decided to split into groups, go check them out, and report on some of the things that go on after school on a Monday night.

Chess Club:

The chess club is a group of boys in secondary school, and their supervisor/teacher is Mr. Kuzina. When asked why he conducted the club, Mr. Kuzina simply showed me board outside the classroom that he has dedicated to chess. On it, is all the information regarding the club, along with quotes and pictures. The board also includes quotes by Garry Kasparov, some of which are: “I believe chess can help children improve their cognitive skills,” “Chess shaped not only my life, but my character.” I then interviewed some of the students. I asked them why they joined chess club, and the majority said that their parents pushed them towards this choice. However, others said that they enjoyed chess, and the club gave them an opportunity to improve.

**Art and science: **

The art and science CCA is a club where science and art are combined, to create different objects and inventions. There are around five students taking part in the club, a majority being girls, and when I asked the teacher why she conducted the club, this is what she said: “I love both art and science, so i thought I could combine the two and start a fun CCA.” Most of the students also seemed to have the same reasoning behind why they joined the club, except for a couple exceptions, who joined because their parents encouraged them to.

Innovative Design:

Innovative design is based around sustainability. The CCA is run by Ms. Doran and Mrs. Tickley. Ms. Doran explained to us what the CCA was about, one of the reasons being that they are trying to get children to design things to help people globally who are less fortunate. It also includes competition elements to get children out of their comfort zones.

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