The First Piper - Wednesday 8th February 2017

On 8th February the British International School Abu Dhabi will become, for one day only, “the Scottish International School,” as we welcome Ross Jennings, a lone bagpiper who has made it his mission in life to play his bagpipes in every one of the planet’s 196 nations.

Ross is currently at around the 50 mark and he is looking forward to spending the full day with students at BIS Abu Dhabi where he will begin the day high upon the rooftop, playing his bagpipes as the students begin their day.  He will then be playing throughout the day and working with GCSE Music students, as well as delivering a ‘bagpipe masterclass’ to the schools’ 350 FS children.

And all those in the school community with an ounce of Scottish blood are busying digging out their kilts…

Check out Ross’s website here….

Chris Lowe