The First Ever Francophone Week at BIS 2018

By Raihanah A. (Year 12 French AB Initio student)


As many of you know, just a week shy of Spring Break, BISAD celebrated our first ever “La Semaine de la Francophonie” (Francophone Week) which took place between the 18th and 22nd of March.

“Francophone”, for those who don’t know, literally translates to “French-speaking”. Therefore during the week, we commemorated the various different countries and ethnicities that while being vastly different from one another, still share a common middle ground which is the French language.

Many may ask: why is celebrating this important? Well, in a time of rapid globalisation and tension between countries, it is reassuring to know that something as simple as a language can do so much as to unite us against our differences. French, most of all, is a beautiful language that is spoken across 29 countries by 275 million people.

Throughout the week, we celebrated the culture by holding competitions wherein each tutor class was tested on their knowledge of the French culture; we also played classic French films during lunch times including the famous: Les Choristes (The Chorus). In addition, French cuisine were served in the school cafeteria such as: potato gratin, apple pies, and croissants. Culture is also very important aspect to our learning- although, yes, we are learning the language, but we also take in consideration to learn the many differences and similarities in our customs- for example: did you know French people eat pizza with a knife and fork?!

The festivities of the week were enjoyed by students and teachers all around.

Students that engaged in the competition will be excited to hear the results which we will announce here: the tutor classes that won the Francophone quiz were (drumroll): 3E, 4E, 5E, and 6B from the Primary classes, and 7C, 8E, 9D, 10C, and 12B from the Secondary classes! And for the students that participated in our House Competition, our winners are (drumroll) the Oak House for Primary and the Willow House for Secondary!

We would like to congratulate all the classes that have won and wish the others better luck next time! Hopefully, everybody had a fantastic time during the week and we hope that next year's Francophone Week will be even bigger and brighter than this one has been!

Thank you for reading! Au revoir!

La Semaine de la Francophonie au BIS 2018
*Par Raihanah A. (Year 12 French AB Initio Student) *

La semaine avant les vacances de printemps, du 18 mars jusqu’au 22 mars, nous avons célébré la première Le Semaine de La Francophonie à BISAD ensemble avec toute l’école.

Beaucoup de questions: Pourquoi est ce que c’est important de célébrer La Semaine de La Francophonie? Au temps de la mondialisation rapide, c'est bien que la langue française unifie les pays en dépit du fait qu’il y a beaucoup de tensions entre les pays. La culture est l'aspect important dans une école internationale comme la notre parce que nous étudions ensemble sans préjudice. Mais surtout, la langue française est une langue belle et parlée par 29 pays et 275 millions de personnes.

Au cours de la semaine, nous avons participé à des activités telles que: la compétition de la francophonie, des films français comme Les Choristes. En plus, il y avait la nourriture françaies dans la cantine scolaire; ils ont servi de la nourriture comme: le croissant, le gratin dauphinois, et la tarte aux pommes. Le culture est essentielle à BISAD car étudier la similitude et les differences du notre culture est important.

Alors, nous sommes très excités d’annoncer les gagnants du concours. Pour la compétition de la francophonie les gagnants sont (drumroll): 3E, 4E, 5E, et 6B pour le Primaire, et 7C, 8E, 9D, 10C, et 12B pour le Secondaire! Et pour les étudiants qui ont participé dans la compétition des maisons, les gagnants sont (drumroll) Oak pour le Primaire et Willow pour le Secondaire!

Nous félicitons les gagnants de la compétition et nous espérons que c'etait amusant pour tout le monde! A l’année prochaine!

Merci. Au revoir!