Thank You - Box Appeal

Firstly, thank you parents of BIS Abu Dhabi who participated in our Box Appeal. We would also like to thank all the parents for supplying your kids with the proper items for the box appeal!

We were really proud of how many boxes were filled. We went around the classrooms over the last two weeks and saw the efforts being put into this charity initiative. We were really pleased with what we found. A few days ago the boxes were taken down to reception – by the end of the collection there were nearly 300 boxes!

Finally we would like to thank all the parents/teachers for helping to plan and see this box appeal through and  giving lots of support. It is for a really worthwhile cause.

Thank you again!

Written by Sara Alli (6E), Emily Vanschellebeck (6B), Kaitlyn Pickett (Year 7)IMG_4665 IMG_4697- IMG_4728- IMG_4751-