Term 1 Done

Our first term of 2017-18 started with BIS Abu Dhabi students achieving the best IGCSE and IB results in the school’s history. The term ended with the fabulous FS2 winter productions and a wonderful National Day celebration.

The term began with lots of excited new students and teachers. The term ends with everyone happily settled into the BIS Abu Dhabi community and enjoying wonderful learning experiences together on a daily basis.

The term began with the launch of our new partnership with Neptunes Swimming Academy. It ends with large numbers of children making great progress with their swimming and our squads achieving excellent results in swimming competitions at all ages.

The term began with new families and new parents joining our PTA and volunteering to help out as Class Reps. The term ends with parents contributing to lots of end-of-term activities and with great community events such as today’s PTA Coffee Morning with a focus on healthy eating.

In the middle of the term, four of our students were recognised by Cambridge as achieving the best IGCSE results in the world or in the region. The term ends with our students being invited to interview for places at leading Universities around the world, including Oxford University. To add to that, some breaking news received today is that one of our students has just been invited for a live audition for the Juilliard School of Performing Arts in New York.

The term began with lots of students excited about the amazing opportunities ahead of them. The term ends with 53 students on a trip to Tanzania. And students perfecting their routines for BIS Got Talent. And students of all ages exhibiting their artwork and performances at the Arts Café. And lots of students showing off their learning at the Primary Learning Showcases. And, and, and...

It is such a pleasure to be able to look back at the term and reflect on the achievements of our students - I think I could write many paragraphs like the ones above! As ever, my sincere thanks to all parents for their support and contributions which help to make all these achievements possible.

Terms are always busy and holidays are equally important as a time for relaxation in between terms. On behalf of all colleagues here at the school, our sincere wishes to all families for a peaceful and enjoyable break. We look forward to seeing everyone back at school for the first day of next term on Sunday 7th January.

Patrick Horne