TEDx Speakers: Safa & Sara, Year 10

TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It has over 2500 talks and has created a platform to spread one's knowledge to a wider society and reach millions. TEDx is an event that is fully-planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis; thus, we are proud to announce that our school will be coordinating a TEDxYouth@BISAbuDhabi event on 26th March 2019.

This week we introduce two more of our guest speakers:

Safa, Year 10
Living most of her life in London, Safa is an Iraqi student, who has lived in Abu Dhabi since August 2014. Safa enjoys travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures through the eyes of a tourist. She also has a strong passion for her education, looking for any opportunity to gain knowledge, academically or even socially, which explains why she wants to follow through her parents’ footsteps and pursue a career in becoming a doctor, specialising in pathology.

On top of this, she enjoys being innovative, and tries to find different ways to express herself creatively in any form. Art plays a huge role in her life, with her being currently halfway through her GCSE Art course.

Having always been passionate about the ways in which the world works, Safa takes interest in the human brain, and how we as humans influence the behaviour of others. A simple question from her younger brother strikes an ongoing two year project to explore the brain's anatomy and see whether it is Nature or Nurture that shaped her.

Safa will talk about both sides of this controversial debate, and explore which theory really shapes us to be the way we are.

Sara, Year 10
Sara is a bicultural child from Jordan and Scotland and has lived in Abu Dhabi for the majority of her lifetime. At a young age, she started Taekwondo and immediately grew a passion for the sport. Hopefully, she should receive her black belt in the coming months. Besides Taekwondo, her hobbies include reading and any form of physical activity. Currently, she is working towards achieving a bronze Duke of Edinburgh award; the award is certainly challenging her but is a good opportunity to push her past her limits.

Growing up surrounded by a culture that opposes her own, she has been exposed to various ideas and perspectives and even has some of her own to share, hence her volunteering to participate in TEDx. At age 7, Sara participated in a speech giving competition. Ever since she always had a fondness for writing, specifically speech and script writing.

The school education system has recently seemed to be a topic of interest for many speechwriters, which provoked her to base her speech off a similar idea.

Safa, Year 10

Sara, Year 10