TEDx Speakers: Hannah & Matilda - Year 11

TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It has over 2500 talks and has created a platform to spread one's knowledge to a wider society and reach millions. TEDx is an event that is fully-planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis; thus, we are proud to announce that our school will be coordinating a TEDxYouth@BISAbuDhabi event on 26th March 2019.

This week we introduce two more of our guest speakers:

Hannah is from the United States of America and is currently living in Abu Dhabi. She loves to travel and explore all art that the world has to offer. From different cultures, music, to nature, she loves learning about the world and people around her. She also loves to sing, dance, act and swim. Hannah aspires to study musical theatre in university, as well as journalism, so she can tell the stories of the unique people of the world through her art and stories.

Hannah has always loved to write, perform and talk to others. She has decided to combine the two and present an informative speech about something that happens to us daily, but we never think about it enough to realise it.

Our cognitive psychology is something that has intrigued Hannah recently, because we never really think about how we think. She has decided to explore this idea and challenge our way of thinking in order to improve our lives and to create a different perspective on how we see ourselves along with the events and people around us.

Matilda is an Australian teenager living and studying in Abu Dhabi. Whilst this is her first time living abroad, she is no stranger to change, having spent most of her life moving around Australia. From the understated national capital city of Canberra, to the quiet seclusion of the small rural town of Armidale, she has been shaped by the places she has lived and has learnt that diversity is what helps our society to flourish.

She is also an avid reader and traveller, and her love of books and visiting new places are derived from her intrinsic passion for deepening her knowledge of the human condition and of learning to see life from others’ perspective.

Matilda is a strong believer in individualism and feels that everyones’ unique contribution to society should be encouraged. In order to actualise this vision, she believes that understanding and acceptance of our individual differences is vital, and that embracing our idiosyncrasies is key to progression.

Growing up, she always knew that she was quite reserved, but it wasn’t until later in her life that she came to recognise that she was an introvert. This realisation prompted her to investigate the topic of introversion more, and she soon became concerned by the social stigma surrounding it. She now aims to identify and challenge the often negative biases surrounding introverts in a culture that seems to predominantly value extroversion.

In her talk, she hopes to alter the often adverse attitudes that surround introversion. She knows that through understanding, we can embrace introversion for its many positive effects.

Hannah, Year 11

Matilda, Year 11