TEDx Speaker: Ananya, IB Student

Introducing our first TEDx Speaker, Ananya, IB Student

Born in India and currently living in Abu Dhabi, Ananya is an ambitious student, who’s been surrounded by an international environment her entire life. Not only does she play the violin, Ananya also enjoys acting and painting during her free time. To embrace her innate ability to empathise and connect with people, Ananya is currently aspiring to study Medicine at University.

Additionally, since childhood, Ananya has always appreciated writing as a form of catharsis. She aspires to publish a poetry collection portraying aspects of the human condition, especially those of which society harbours an inherent, but irrational bias for.

Ananya is passionate about finding another point-of-view and plays the devil’s advocate at the first opportunity. She believes that there is always another way to face an issue, and that it is the responsibility of the majority to understand the perspective of the minority.

During her English class, ‘I Want a Wife,’ by Judy Brady was introduced. It spoke about the unrealistic expectations society has for women once they were married. Intrigued by the idea of twisting Brady’s message to amplify its impact, Ananya will highlight that it’s not just women falling under society’s stigmatisation through her poem ‘I would really, really like a Husband for Christmas’. Ananya intends to provide her poetic perspective on the realities that encompass the under-acknowledged male stereotypes in today’s world.

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Ananya, IB Student