TEDx Speaker: Ali, Year 11

TED is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It has over 2500 talks and has created a platform to spread one's knowledge to a wider society and reach millions. TEDx is an event that is fully-planned and coordinated independently, on a community-by-community basis; thus, we are proud to announce that our school will be coordinating a TEDxYouth@BISAbuDhabi event on 26th March 2019.

This week we introduce another guest speaker:

Ali was born in Pakistan and has lived away from home for more than half of his life, he is a talented student studying in an international community. Ali is committed to various activities, ranging from the physical, horse-riding, to the creative, playing the piano. He also has a keen interest in Computer Science, and is aiming to study Medicine in his later years. Despite his limited experience in public speaking, Ali is willing to push himself out of his comfort zone and convey his ideas and concerns.

Ali has a distinct passion when discussing the concept of education in the modern world. He was particularly moved while watching a series of videos, on the same topic, by a famous motivational and inspirational spoken-word artist and activist. Ali comes from a background where his studies are vital for his success in the future. But he is marvelled by his peers who strive towards sport or the creative arts, as well as the various successful people who have earned themselves a fortune with no formal education. Definitively, he is inspired by both of these experiences to share his thoughts.

In his talk, Ali will address the topic of education and plans to bring awareness to the issues of the current education system.