Team Falcon

We have had some outstanding achievements this term within our teams in the ADISSA league and tournament competitions during term one.

Some of this term's highlights include:

• Highest finish in BSME U15 large school games, including ten medal finishes in athletics and runners-up in boy’s football.
• ADISSA League winners and tournament winners in football and rugby.
• ADISSA swim gala runners up and winners of Junior B league.
• Increased participation in Team Falcon Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) program. Over 650 students participated in over twenty Team Falcon CCA’s.
• BIS Abu Dhabi Team Falcon participated in every league and competition that ADISSA offered in primary and secondary age groups.

It was great to see students’ engagement within the Team Falcon CCA program. The department are trying to accommodate the majority of sports for all students in year three and upwards throughout the year. Unfortunately, we can’t continue these throughout the whole year. ADISSA leagues change to accommodate the different age groups and genders every term and as a department it is only fair to give each age group the same allocation of training time.

The department is committed to allowing the students opportunity to progress, but teams will still be selected based on ability, attitude towards training and demonstration of being a good ambassador of the school’s values.

The ADISSA term 2 league fixtures are shown below:

Season Team Fixture Day
Girls Season 2 U9 Netball Wednesday
Girls Season 2 U11 Netball Monday
Girls Season 2 U12 Football Sunday
Girls Season 2 U14 Football Tuesday
Girls Season 2 U16 Football Wednesday
Girls Season 2 U19 Football Sunday
Season Team Fixture Day
Boys Season 2 U9 Football Wednesday
Boys Season 2 U11 Football Monday
Boys Season 2 U12 Rugby Sunday
Boys Season 2 U14 Rugby Tuesday
Boys Season 2 U16 Rugby Wednesday
Boys Season 2 U19 Rugby Sunday
Season Team Fixture Day
Additional Season 2 Junior Swimming Sunday
Additional Season 2 Senior Swimming Monday
Additional Season 2 UAE Touch Junior Sunday
Additional Season 2 UAE Touch Senior Monday
Additional Season 2 U12 Cricket Thursday
Additional Season 2 Boys Volleyball

This table shows the teams that BIS Abu Dhabi Team Falcon will be entering during term two and the CCA’s program support this through the training. If you missed the sign-up window for the Team Falcon CCA’s please email to register.

It’s been really good to see some parents come to support their children during fixtures and we will still encourage their participation next term.

Irrespective of the result, the student’s progression and enjoyment at the core of school sport with trophies and medals being a very good bonus!

I would you to thank the contribution of the PE and BIS Abu Dhabi staff who put a huge amount of time and effort into making sure these opportunities happen.

Hope you have a fantastic winter break,
Ryan Baker