Team Falcon Trials

We are pleased to announce that Team Falcon trials will continue this week. Details of the trials are outlined in the table below.

To participate, all trialists should make their way to the Team Falcon Sports Academy after school. Trials will take place between 3pm – 4pm.

Sunday 18th SeptemberU9/U11 Girls FootballKath Harvey/Louise Brown/Gaynor Lowe/Anna Carey
U19/U14 Girls TouchJamie Johnston/Pieter Kilian
Monday 19th SeptemberU12 Boys FootballConnor Meehan/Paul Cochlin/Jamie Johnston
Tuesday 20th SeptemberU14 Boys FootballMark Collinson/Ryan Baker (Tony Biddle)
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Wednesday 21st SeptemberU16/U19 Boys FootballAndy Zindilis/Andy Fairbank/Paul Cochlin
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Wednesday 21st SeptemberU9/U11 Mixed TouchMartin Rawstrom/Michelle Moyles/Gareth Hodges/Jason Keenan
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Thursday 22nd SeptemberU14 CricketMark Collinson/Pieter Kilian
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We are aware that due to the extended break last week, some people will not have received information regarding today’s trials. If this is the case we will have a second trial next week.