Team Falcon in the Middle East Union Cup Swim Meet

On Friday 28th and Saturday 29th April BIS Abu Dhabi Team Falcon took 40 swimmers from across Primary and Secondary to participate once again in the Middle East Union Cup Swim Meet (MEUC) at the Hamdan Swim Centre in Dubai.

Swimming is one of those unique sports that some schools participate in for the entire year and train up to 15 hours a week.  There are schools at the other extreme that have their students compete in all sports and only swim 8 – 10 weeks a year.  For our own students we have begun training in our new 25m swimming pool this year and the 50m pool the competition was held in did not seem so long. It was due to these extremes that the organizers of the MEUC swim meet had the idea of a development meet.

The Development Meet concept is designed to be an achievable goal for schools in the latter category.  Another outcome of the Development Meet medal is to assist developing schools to create a positive environment and a desire for their students to train more, improve and enjoy participating in their school team. Alongside the Development Meet, participants swim for championship times and places. All heats are based on previous times, but places are acknowledged according to age groups.

With high technology touch pads and FINA rules many students were extremely nervous. The two day event was to be an experience; just to see each participants name in lights on a large screen was a thrill.

There was a huge improvement this year with most of our swimmers finishing in the Championship group and achieving 15 medals – 4 gold, 8 silver, and 3 bronze. We also had 3 participants win a medal in the Development group – 2 silver and 1 bronze.

Well done and congratulations to all those who participated and thank you to the parents who made the journey with their child all the way to Dubai.

Sue Hook