Team Falcon Fixtures: Week of 29th Oct

FIXTURES - Week Commencing 29th October 2017

Sunday 29th October

Location Competition
U15+ Basketball PE Grid Team Falcon
U9/11 Netball Sports Hall Team Falcon
U12 A Netball v Al Yasmina A ZSC ADISSA
U12 B Netball v Brighton B Brighton ADISSA
U12 A Football v CIS Home ADISSA
U19 Football v Al Bateen ADU ADISSA
U12 Football Reach v West Yas Home ADISSA

Monday 30th October

Location Competition
U16/19 Football Pitches Team Falcon
U12/14/16/19 Netball Courts Team Falcon
U11 Girls Football v Al Yasmina A and B Yasmina ADISSA
U11 Rugby v Raha A ZCS ADISSA

Tuesday 31st October

Location Competition
U11 Basketball PE Grid Team Falcon
U9/11 Rugby Pitches Team Falcon
U12 Football Pitches Team Falcon
U14 A Football v GEMS CIS Home ADISSA
U14 B Football v Al Bateen C Al Bateen ADISSA
U14 A Netball v Al Bateen A ZSS ADISSA
U14 B Netball v Cranleigh C Cranleigh ADISSA

Wednesday 1st November

Location Competition
U12/14 Basketball PE Grid Team Falcon
U14 Football Pitches Team Falcon
U9 Girls Football v Amity A and B Home ADISSA
U16 A Netball v Brighton Brighton ADISSA
U16 B Netball v Raha B ZSS ADISSA
U9 Rugby v Amity B ZCS ADISSA
U16 A Football - Rearranged Fixture
U16 B Football v Zayed Private Academy ADU ADISSA

Thursday 2nd November

Location Competition
Secondary Volleyball Sports Hall Team Falcon
Primary Rugby Pitches Team Falcon
U9/11 Girls Football Pitches Team Falcon
U14/16 Girls Football Pitches Team Falcon
Secondary (4 -5) Rugby Pitches Team Falcon
Cricket v Cranleigh Cranleigh ADISSA

Home - BIS Abu Dhabi
Away - at other school
ZSC - Zayed Sports City
ZCS - Zayed Cricket Stadium
ADU - Abu Dhabi University

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Ryan Baker
Director of Sport