Senior Swim Gala
The second Senior Team Swim Gala took place at Raha International School last week. Swimmers came home with a collection of ribbons, made up of 8 firsts, 17 seconds and 12 thirds!

Gold ribbons being awarded to:
Boys' U12 (Y7) Freestyle Relay team - Alex, James, Harrison & Riccardo
100m Individual Medley, 50m Breaststroke & 50m Backstroke - Roma (Y12) & Kaelab (Y8)
100m Freestyle - Samsara (Y7) & Kurian (Y10)
50m Freestyle - Ines (Y10)

There were some brilliant performances in both the individual and relay races. A huge well done to all of the swimmers for their commitment to their swim training and also for their hard work at the gala.

House Swimming Celebrations
Last week saw the start of the House Swimming Celebrations for Years 3 – 9 boys. These celebrations have been a great way for swimmers to show their improvement in swimming over the past term, taking part in events from 25m Kick to 100m Individual Medley. Due to the difference in numbers across the houses within year groups, points are calculated based on contribution per swimmer. With the Year 5s and 6s still to take part, the battle for overall first position continues. Results so far are as follows:

Year 3
1st Ash
2nd Elm
Joint 3rd Willow & Oak

Year 4
1st Willow
2nd Ash
3rd Elm
4th Oak

Year 7
1st Willow
2nd Oak
3rd Ash
4th Elm

Year 8 & 9
1st Ash
2nd Oak
3rd Willow
4th Elm

Well done to those who have already taken part in the events and gained valuable points for their houses and good luck to year 5 and 6 boys who will be swimming in the final two House Swimming Celebrations!

Sally Way, Head of Swimming