Student Profile: Wadima Al Ameri

Our profile this week is Wadima Al Ameri, a student in Year 4 who has been with the school since FS1. Below Wadima gives us an introduction about herself including her hobbies and interests:

Hi, my name is Wadima Al Ameri. I’m in 4A and I’m 8 years old. I am in Willow and I'm proud to be a Shark. One of my favourite events is House Day because I get to be with all my housemates and there are so many exciting activities.

I have been at BIS Abu Dhabi for 6 years, so I have been here for my whole school career and I love this school because my friends are amazing and have been with me since day one. I also love the school because the teachers are really nice and all my lessons are fun, every lesson is a new adventure and I learn a lot. Some of my hobbies are horse riding, playing with cats and cooking. My favourite part about this school is the trips we get to go on and my favourite lesson is English. I love my teacher Mr. Zindilis, but he is always mixing up my name with my sister Mahra but it's ok.

Wadima Al Ameri
Year 4