Student Profile: Jalilah, Year 9

Our profile this week is Jalilah, a student in Year 9. Below Jalilah talks about her passion for art:

I was really young when I first became interested in Art. My mum always said I was good, but I think I became better because I kept drawing all the time. I like the artist we’ve been investigating this term. Shepard Fairey’s artwork always has a message and he uses lots of interesting techniques to make it. I am proud of my artist investigation sheet because my presentation reflects the style of his artwork and I think my own original piece, inspired by him, is quite successful.

I find my art lessons fun because we are always learning new practical skills. I am really excited about starting Art & Design GCSE next year. My sister, in Year 10 is enjoying the course and says that her skills have really developed this year since started taking Art at GCSE level.

In the future, I am interested in a career in Interior Design or perhaps Architecture.

Jalilah, Year 9 Student