Student Profile: Harrison Year 7

Our profile this week is Harrison, a student in Year 7 who has been with the school since FS1. Below Harrison gives us an introduction to himself including his vast sporting abilities:

Hi, I’m Harrison, I’m 11 years old, turning 12 in February. I’ve been at the school since FS1 and I have finally made my long journey to Year 7; the first year of Secondary.

So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed my years at the school with its amazing teachers and facilities and I have come a very long way in my education. My favourite thing about our school is that it is International and there are so many different nationalities and cultures throughout.

My favourite hobby outside of school is playing rugby with my team, the Abu Dhabi Harlequins. We are the best team in our league (we were undefeated last year) and I am in the 1st team. I love playing with my mates from other schools and it’s fun running and tackling each other or when we are against other teams while still playing to the rules. Inside of school, I also do many Team Falcon sports like; swimming, rugby, football, volleyball, basketball and cricket. I am part of the swimming team; the cricket team; I play for the Football B team and I have been part of BSME (British Schools Middle East) Sports Competition two times. As well as that, I have also taken part in CCAs such as Little Stars (a drama CCA that puts on a show every year for Primary) which I have taken part in three times; and the Production, which is the same for Secondary.

While I’ve been at the school, I have achieved much, including being the Oak House Captain, winning the Public Speaking Award in the BISCARS (a transition from Primary to Secondary Awards Ceremony) and winning an Outstanding Student Award in BISCARS.

I really enjoy the school environment because of all the greenery; and all the teachers are really kind and helpful and it brings a good vibe to the school.

Fortunately, our school has links with places like Tanzania to donate money and time to help the indigenous people there who live in challenging conditions such as, low amounts of income, dirty food and water and very few with an education or job. When I am in Year 10 I will volunteer to help with that cause. Another link we have, is with a University called MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and from Year 6 we have had access to their learning system.

Overall, I’ve had a great time at BIS Abu Dhabi, and I hope other students have too.

Harrison, Year 7