Student Profile: Hannah, Year 11

Our profile this week is Hannah, a student in Year 11 who has been with the school for six years. Below Hannah gives us an introduction to herself including one of her fondest memories:

Hi my name is Hannah and I have been studying at BIS Abu Dhabi for almost six years. I have learnt a lot about the world around me and who I am as a person whilst being here.

One of my fondest memories from being at this school was the Switzerland Expedition in June 2016. I got to meet students from four other Nord Anglia schools from around the world and still, to this day, keep in touch with some of those students. On that expedition, I hiked the Swiss Alps and witnessed the most breath-taking and divine views I have ever seen. Our earth is really spectacular. I learnt a lot of survival techniques and how the mind is stronger than the body. As long as the mind is awake and alert, the body is never tired. I gained a lot of patience and learnt the power of perseverance whilst on that trip.

I have also been involved in numerous school productions. I love to perform. Last year I played Miss Hannigan in the musical Annie and was really pushed out of my comfort zone. I had to play the cruel guardian of several orphans, and shouting at innocent kids is not my strength (except if it’s my younger brothers). Through that experience, I was able to grow as an actress - at the same time as working with new people and having fun.

Now I am currently studying for my major GCSE exams that are coming up really quickly in May. Yes I am nervous, and yes there is lots of pressure to do well. However, I have really learnt the importance of time-management and prioritising. I know it is always important to make time for those things I love to do as well.

Year 11 Student