Student Profile: Daniel, Year 8

Our profile this week is Daniel, a student in Year 8 who has been with the school since Year 3. Below Daniel gives us an introduction to himself including one of his favourite memories:

My name is Daniel and I have been studying at BIS Abu Dhabi for 5 years now. I have really enjoyed being here and have learned a lot, not just academically but also things that will help me greatly in my future.

I moved to Abu Dhabi when I was just 7 years old and joined this school in Year 3. It was a difficult year for me as settling into a new class with so many different cultures and people from all around the world was something I was not used to. Settling into Abu Dhabi was a bit overwhelming. It is quite difficult to make friends in your first week, but soon, I had a few friends that made me feel welcome. Of course, people come and go, so my first few friends aren’t here today but I have lots of new ones.

Years passed and I started to learn more about the Arabic culture. One example of the amazing events our school has, is National Day. Students from all years can experience and learn about Emirati culture, including tasting traditional foods, getting henna and even holding a falcon!

Even better than National Day, is International Day. It’s the one day of the year where all the students in our school have the once-in-a-lifetime (or in this case once-in-a-year) experience of celebrating their own culture and learning about different cultures, traditions and of course, FOOD!

One of my favorite memories and honestly, my best experience, was the Year 7 Residential Camp. Last year, I had the chance to go camping on our school field. The camp included unimaginable activities such as: personal survival, trebuchet, raft-building, team-building activities and my personal favourite, abseiling off the top of the school! The camp was so much fun, I’d do it again and again! It taught me a lot of essential skills, including how to build a tent and feed myself in the ‘wild.’ Other than that, I learnt how working together as a team is essential, getting over your fears and being pushed out of your comfort-zone is equally as important. It’s amazing how much you can learn in the span of 48 hours!

I have also been involved in a few CCAs including the Media Crew; I capture lots of the amazing activities that happen across the school. These images are then shared on various social media platforms. It has helped me develop my photography skills and confidence (even when I’m the one in front of the camera). I am also part of a band and we have performed in a few events including ‘BIS Got Talent’ and ‘Battle of The Bands’. This term, I would really like to be part of the School Production and be in charge of lighting.

Currently, my mid-year exams are coming up and I’m quite nervous. But I know that I have to study, work hard and put in my best effort to get the best result that I can achieve.

Being at this school has really opened my mind to the world around me and made me aware of what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. I look forward to my next few exciting years at BIS Abu Dhabi.

Year 8 Student