Student Profile: Cruize, Year 6

Our profile this week is Cruize, a student in Year 6 who has been with the school since Year 4. Below Cruize gives us an introduction to herself and her passion for drama and sports:

Hi, my name is Cruize, I am 11 years old and right now I’m in Year 6. Everyone in my family is from the United Kingdom, a small town called Ilfracombe (North Devon in the South West of England).

We moved to Abu Dhabi 10 years ago because of my dad’s job. I joined the school when I was in Year 4, and I have enjoyed every bit of my journey at BIS Abu Dhabi, and in the UAE so far.

I have always loved to sing; in fact, I used to put on make-up and a funky costume and do a show for my parents, when I was much younger. I joined the choir in Year 4 and never left it. Last year, I joined the School Production and I fell in love with drama and acting, so this year I auditioned for a role in Les Misérables and was landed the role of little Cosette; when I found out I was over the moon!

BSME invitational dance was held over the weekend, the theme of the dance was called sands of time and when we performed, we didn’t mess up; not once!

This year I really became involved with sports and I am participating in the BSME (which has been my dream since Year 4), I am so excited about the games, which are very soon. Also a few weeks ago, I was a mascot for Yemen at the AFC world cup, but sadly they lost.

I am in Elm house, THE BEST HOUSE! and this year I am the House Captain. Sometimes it can be a lot of responsibility so all of the House Captains help each other out if we need it.

When I am not doing all these activities, I enjoy going out and playing with my friends. In the holidays I usually travel back home to England or sometimes we visit new countries such as Hong Kong, South Africa and Nepal.

Cruize, Year 6