Student Profile: Ashwaty, Year 11

Our profile this week is Ashwaty, a student in Year 11 who has been with the school since 2010. Below Ashwaty gives us an introduction to herself including her hobbies and interests:

My name’s Ashwaty and I’ve been at BIS Abu Dhabi since I was a tiny Year 3 student!

I’m currently in Year 11 and getting progressively closer and closer to GCSE. For my GCSEs my three options are: Art, Business and Computer Science and I hope to pursue a career in the latter, possibly writing Java instead of Python.

Outside of school, I spend a lot of time baking and as a dancer, dancing too. I dance ballet, modern and tap. I’ve been dancing for 13 years and I hope I’ll be able to dance for at least another 13!

As well as dance, I enjoy running and swimming, although the Abu Dhabi weather definitely makes this a challenge. If I’m not doing any of these activities, you will probably catch me at the mall drinking bubble tea.

Being in this school for eight years has definitely rewarded me with many achievements such as being a House Captain, on Student Council, Public Speaking, the Talent Show, Battle of the Bands and so much more.

Being a student at BIS Abu Dhabi is truly rewarding because of the subjects, teachers, activities and I’m sure all my fellow peers feel the same way.

Ashwaty, Year 11 Student