Student Profile: Angelina, Year 8

Our profile this week is Angelina, a student in Year 8 who has been with the school since September. Below Angelina gives us an introduction to herself including her favourite subject:

Hello, my name is Angelina and I am a new student at BIS Abu Dhabi. I am currently in Year 8 and feel that I have made lots of new friends already. I have been able to take part in Science, Maths, Photography and Trampolining CCAs. My favourite CCA is Photography, as I enjoy having an artistic outlet and being able to capture some of the beautiful landscapes we get to experience in the UAE.

I have really enjoyed school so far, one of my favourite things is how interesting the lessons are. The teachers make sure that the students learn and memorise everything by fun quizzes, projects, posters, educational videos and diagrams. We can then access all the information easily at home for revision. My favourite subject is Biology as I love finding out how our bodies work and I find the experiments fascinating. The teachers seem to care a lot about our progress and ensure we always challenge ourselves to do the best we can.

Outside of the classroom, I take pleasure in reading science-fiction and horror stories, cooking and baking, going for walks and creating prosthetic make-up - especially realistic scratches and other wounds. I would love to use some of these talents to help in the school production or any other events. These hobbies describe me perfectly as my taste is very varied.

My goal in life is to become a successful Psychiatrist. I am really interested in Psychology and hope to take this subject for iGCSE and then IB. I am hopeful that, with the teachers we have, I will do well in the Science subjects needed as well as English, for essay writing, in order to be able to reach my goal.

Thank you so much for reading.

Angelina, Year 8