Student Profile: Adam, Year 6

Our profile this week is Adam, a student in Year 6 who has been with the school since 2014. Below Adam gives us an introduction to himself and his passion for football:

Hi, my name is Adam, I am 11 years old and I am currently in Year 6. My family are all from England and we heard about Abu Dhabi whilst visiting my Auntie, who was living in Dubai. We made the move to the UAE in 2014, which is when I joined BIS Abu Dhabi, I joined in Year 2. So far, I have enjoyed everything about living in the Middle East and the experiences I have had whilst living here.

I have always had a passion for sport and I have played with a football from the day I could walk, in fact earlier! After leaving behind my football team in the North East of England (Newcastle), I was very happy to find out that there were going to be various different options, football wise in the UAE, both in and out of school. During my 4 years in Abu Dhabi, I’ve played with a diverse range of teams such as PASS, Thistle and Man City, enjoying many victories in both cups and leagues and even winning the Youth Champions Cup! I am currently playing in the U14 league as well as playing for the Representative Team (Rep team) of Abu Dhabi.

I also get involved with many of the extra-curricular activities Team Falcon has to offer. I’ve been on the swim team since Year 3 and this year I was selected to be team captain. I have completed IMs, relays and individual races in all strokes in many of the ADISSA galas, as well as MEUC and BSME meets in Dubai. I have played basketball and football for school and last year I attended the U11 BSME Games which I hope to be doing again this year. I have recently started to get involved in Rugby, I am enjoying this a lot although my mum is not so keen!

When I am not doing all these sports I enjoy going out with my friends. During the holidays, I do lots of traveling with my family and have been to a places such as: Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan. Last year I was chosen to go to Sweden with the Rep team for the UAE in the Gothia World Youth Cup, I hope to be doing this again this year as it was an amazing experience.

Adam, Year 6 Student